Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation Pledge Positioning
New tagline and logo positively position city at "a level above"

An extensive community study had revealed several issues standing in the way of growth for the City of Terre Haute. Two of these issues were the community's self-image and its image as perceived by a wider audience. Working with a branding subcommittee, MillerWhite donated development of a brand and integrated marketing plan. The brand had to be adaptable for use as an identification system to be shared by all entities making up the subcommittee – the City of Terre Haute, the Terre Haute Economic Development Corporation, the Chamber of Commerce, Vigo County Redevelopment and the Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau. It had to create a positioning statement for the city to define a new, more positive personality. Using MillerWhite's Unlocking the Power of Your Pledge® formula, “business” goals and audiences were defined and strengths and weaknesses were analyzed. A pledge was developed based on the city's unique selling points: “Terre Haute will progressively, positively cultivate pride, passion and prosperity for the betterment of its residents and community stakeholders.”

The pledge provided a foundation on which to develop a tagline and logo. The tagline focused on positive action – rising above its critics, performing beyond its competitors, and achieving beyond expectations: “Terre Haute: A City a Level Above.” Developing the logo was a matter of visually representing the tagline in a fresh, creative and memorable way. The new design utilized one of the city's unique selling points, its name, which is French for “high ground.” The swoosh element was used to highlight the literal meaning of the city's name and represent the action of moving upward to “a level above.” The tagline was used as an integral part of the logo, and when viewing it at a glance the “Terre Haute Above” signified that it was no longer in second place. The typography chosen symbolized the solid, safe and comfortable lifestyle of Terre Haute. A branding system was developed which made it simple to adapt the logo for any city or county department, for the THEDC and for the Chamber. Many businesses and organizations in the community have incorporated the logo and tagline on their communication materials and vehicles. The effort gained statewide recognition on Inside INdiana Business and in a state Chamber publication, Biz Voice and has received several national awards.